Carbon Tax in Canada: What did we do??

  To start this blog, I would like to highlight that I am not an economist, not tied to any form of government, I am most simply and humbly a business person.   When we 1 st  heard of the carbon tax, it was my understanding, it was supposed to punish abusers and not all who use carbon-based fuel.  I wonder if that is the case:   * Electricity charges in pre-carbon tax were about $.05 per KWH. Now we are at about $.085 and rising   * Gas was at about $.9 per liter, now over $1.20 and on the rise.  (yes, I do realize wages have gone up.  But now over $.35 per liter is taxed and rising in Canada)   On a 1 st  brush, one may say one should simply drive less and adopt better technology for lighting and electrical use and done is done.   When I 1 st  heard of  it  I thought of the movie  Dragonheart  – Road Tax.  For those who don’t remember or know; you’ll have to watch the movie or read the book.   But let us “peel this onion a bit”.  Do we go to a store to buy groceries?  For those who do